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What is MicroSociety?
MicroSociety was created by the late George Richmond. He was a painter, poet, author and educator. Richmond and his wife, Carolynn King, launched the Consortium of MicroSociety Schools, an association of like-minded educators interested in society building as a strategy to ignite students’ desire to learn. Later, the two established MicroSociety, Inc. (“MSI”), a non-profit consulting service. They wrote the first MicroSociety Handbook and along with a few trusted educators wrote a library of curriculum and a three year training sequence for teachers. By 1999, MSI became a full service professional organization working with schools in some of the Nation’s most at-risk communities and was approved by The U.S. Department of Education. - (MicroSociety International)
MicroSociety transforms a campus into a modern-day mini-metropolis. Like a city, the model is composed of local government and businesses (otherwise known as ventures).
MicroSociety at KISD offers a wide-range of ventures, including:
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Government
  • Recycling
  • Media and Technology
  • Postal Services
  • Law Enforcement

     And many others!

MicroSociety at KISD

The MicroSociety model came to KISD in fall 2015, with Jesus R. Perez Elementary School being the first campus to adopt the model. Throughout the months, both A.D. Harvey and Alice G.K. Kleberg Elementary Schools came onboard with MicroSociety. The expectations are 1) As each community does in real-life, each model should have its own uniqueness, and 2) MicroSociety allows KISD to continue providing 21st Century learning skills. This also gives students the opportunity to explore various career paths.


We are also pleased to announce that Nick M. Harrel Elementary School and John S. Gillett Intermediate School will be adopting MicroSociety in the 2016-2017 school year.


We invite you to visit our MicroSociety campuses.

While in its beginning stages, ABC World News Tonight got the chance to interview Mr. Richmond and visit C.G. McDonough City Magnet School in Lowell, Massachusetts.
To view the interview, click on the link below.