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Automotive Technology: 2021-2022

 In Case that a student, teacher or staff tested positive for COVID, and the protocol would be to close the school,
1. students are to keep working on their assignments as per the google classroom,
2.students will need to check in with the instructor everyday to ask questions or receive further work.
3. Rest assured, all students are socially distanced and masks are worn at all times except during outdoor PE
     and lunch. During these times, all students are six feet apart.
4.We routinely sanitize classrooms and common spaces as well as abide by a strict hand washing regimen.
5. Do you have any questions?
6. If I cannot answer your questions I will find someone that will give you a response 

Virtual Learning

  • Communication is crucial!! If there is an issue please contact me right away. 
  • Log in on time 
  • Dress appropriate 
  • Ensure video background is appropriate 
  • Ensure you are on mute unless called upon
  • 1 person speaking at all times
  • Questions will be asked periodically 
  • Use appropriate times to contact via email, calls, messages
    • 7am - 8pm (unless  emergency)


Automotive In the Virtual Reality World

brief demonstration of the Virtual Reality simulator at the Kingsville ISD high school, that will be in use by students to further their skill levels in Automotive Technology