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COVID-19, Spring 2020 Grading Guidelines

May 8, 2020


Subject:  COVID-19, Spring 2020 Grading Guidelines


Greetings Kingsville ISD families:


For the Spring of 2020, Kingsville Independent School District will assign numerical grades following the current Student Handbook Grading Guidelines with the following additional guidance and adjustments. 


Teachers will base student grades on the following assignments if available and appropriate with multiple opportunities for a student to demonstrate performance of a learning target.

    • Printed and distributed Academic Activities and Resources packets
    • Google Classroom Activities
    • Projects
    • Assessments
    • Other assignments deemed appropriate by the teacher


Prekindergarten and Kindergarten will continue to use the letter grades defined in the Student Handbook with the addition of NG for missing assignments.

    • M – Mastery
    • S – Satisfactory
    • I - Improvement Needed
    • N – Not Introduced
    • NG –  No Grade will be assigned for work not received


For grades 1-12, numerical grades will be calculated for all work received, and each grade level will use the grade weights as referenced in the Student Handbook with the exception that traditional tests may not be appropriate during remote learning.  For any missing work an “I” for “Incomplete” will be given and will average as a 0.


Additionally for all grade levels, teachers will record no more than one or two grades per week per subject, and all assignments will be accepted regardless of when turned in.


The Spring 2020 semester final grade will be determined by weighting the grades in the 4th six-weeks as 70% and the 5th and 6th six-weeks as 15% each for the semester.  For example if a student’s grade for the 4th six-weeks = 90%, the 5th six-weeks = 60%, and the 6th six-weeks = 60%, then the Spring 2020 grade would be (90% X 0.7) + (60% X 0.15) + (60% X 0.15) = 81% grade for the Spring of 2020.





Daniel F. Smith

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction

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