Kingsville Independent School District

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Human Resources

We are focused on delivering quality customer service and are committed to recruit, develop, reward and retain our overall workforce. We are determined to provide effective and efficient support for all employees and applicants.

Our goal is to provide relevant assistance to the school district and the general public in all areas of human resources in order to create a network of support serving our community educational needs. Our desire is to attend to our goals as an energetic and knowledgeable personnel staff working effectively as a team.


Recruitment/Employment -- We handle all aspects in the hiring process and the performance reviews. Assure equal opportunity and compliance with related laws, regulations and policies.


Employee Relations -- Our department resolves problems and encourages a positive relationship between management and staff. We ensure fair and consistent treatment and adherence to all applicable policies and procedures.


Transactions/Records --
We process all employee transactions promptly, accurately, and efficiently to provide quality service to the District in a courteous manner. Ensure compliance with all policies and regulations concerning the appropriate maintenance and disposition of records for which the Department of Personnel is responsible.

Classification/Compensation -- Provide continuous review of all position descriptions, recognizing the responsibilities and qualifications of each position, assuring fair and consistent classification within the district and state system. Ensure pay practices meet legislated and policy guidelines and that employees are adequately compensated for their level of responsibility and performance.

Kingsville ISD is an Equal Opportunity Employer The Kingsville Independent School District employs, assigns, promotes and terminates employees without regard to national origin, race, color, age, sex, handicap, or religion.