Kingsville Independent School District

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Federal Programs

-Federal Programs Director

The KISD Federal Programs Department oversees:
  • Title I Part A -- Improving Basic Programs
  • Title I Part C -- Migrant Programs
  • Title II A -- Teacher & Principal Training & Recruiting
  • Title III A -- Limited English Proficiency

Title I Part A -- Improving Basic Programs

The purpose of Title IA is to enable schools to provide opportunities for all students to acquire the skills in the State Content Standards and to meet the State Performance Standards.

Title I Part C -- Migrant Program

The purpose of Title IC is to provide migrant students the same opportunities all students have to meet the state content and performance standards.

A student must have made a migratory move alone, accompany their parent(s), guardian(s), or spouse and crossed a school-district line within the last 36 months to obtain temporary or seasonal work in agriculture, fishery, livestock, dairy, or lumber, to be considered a migrant.

Title II A -- Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting

KISD's TPTR funding will be supporting:
  • Class Size Reduction
  • Professional Development for Principals and Teachers
  • Recruiting Funds

Title III A -- Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Students

  • The purpose of Title III funding is to increase English Proficiency of LEP children by providing high quality language instruction education programs that are based on scientifically based research demonstrating the effectiveness of the programs increasing:
    • English Proficiency
    • Student academic achievement in the core academic subjects


  • Provides a high-quality professional development to classroom teachers, principals, administrators and other school personnel
  • Upgrades Curriculum
  • Provides support programs such as tutorials and enrichment classes
  • Provides parent education and parental involvement