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Hello my name is Mrs. Noemi Monsibais. I have a been a librarian for about 17 years. I love to see the children come in and open a book and be excited about what they find in the book! We have 15,909 books in the Harvey library and most of them have Accelerated Reader quizzes. Our library features both an indoor and outdoor reading nook. There are six computer stations that facilitate the Accelerated Reader Program. The library also features and Accelerated Reader store. Children accumulate points and shop in the store.

Harvey Elementary has a Read to Me Program after school Monday through Friday beginning as soon as the end of day bell rings at 3:00 to 4:00. Parents can come with their children to read to, read with or listen to their child read to them. They can also do homework and test on Accelerated Reader books.

Children enjoy the Harvey Jet Book Club. Students read books, and write reports. Each grade level has a reading list that is followed.